Our Mission

At SGI our mission is clear – to help investors win! We care about return and deeply care about the risk associated with such returns. We are keenly aware of the impact of our clients’ assets. This combination of Risk, Return and Impact is at the center of how we implement a unique “Managed Risk Approach” ™ for our clients.

Our unique “Managed Risk Approach” ™ has evolved over decades of research and continuous revisions to understand and exploit what reduces risk, successfully avoids pitfalls and elevated idiosyncratic risks and drives market returns.

Managing risk adheres to proven tenets of investment management including consistent and systematic quantitative risk/return analytics and core fundamental and ESG research.

The SGI principles for Responsible Managed Risk Investing illustrate our core beliefs.

Risk Management
Quantitative Managed Risk Equity Portfolios
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A long term social investment
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Fundamental Analysis
Focused company specific research can identify hidden risks
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Shareholder Engagement
Promoting ESG Initiatives
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Managed risk equity investing shows a long term improvement in risk adjusted return due to outperformance, lower standard deviation, and reduced drawdowns.

Well Researched
Academics and practitioners have been researching for decades
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Long Term Outperformance
Managed risk equity investing has outperformed standard benchmarks over time
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Consistent Outperformance
Managed risk equity investing consistently outperforms through market cycles
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Reduced Standard Deviation
True to its name, managed risk equity investing creates a smoother ride
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Capital Preservation
Compounding in action by preserving capital during equity drawdowns
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The Case
Strong returns and a smoother ride
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