Wealth Management

We advocate on every facet of your wealth.

Wealth Sustained
Wealth that lasts for Generations
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Why Summit Global Family Office
What sets us apart from other family service providers?
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Why settle for a single expert when you can have a team of them?
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SGI's Wealth Management focuses on the entire depth of our clients' balance sheets and businesses.

Private wealth management or family offices, once accessible only to wealthy family dynasties, have now become the preferred form of wealth management for everyone seeking personalized attention and service.

Through SGI's Wealth Managment, families can share the cost of having access to a full suite of professionals and services in a comprehensive, unbiased and independent approach.

Global Reach
Access products and services worldwide
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Investment Management
Mitigate risk and let your money work for you
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Asset Diversification
Lower your risk with diversified asset allocation
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Summit has deep experience in helping you with your philanthropy
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Cash Flow Management
Balance your spreadsheets and prepare projects for the future
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Estate and Tax Planning
Create an enduring legacy that passes on your values as well as your assets
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Due Diligence
Identifying and quantifying industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities for you
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Get detailed analytics on all your investments with weighted returns every quarter
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Much More
Summit Global Family Office is built around you and your needs
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Institution, Foundations and Endowments want deep experience, full transparency,
independent thought and broad access to the full range of investment options.

Manage your institutional assets without high fees
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Foundations and Endowments
Grow your Foundation or Endowment through high risk-adjusted returns
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Capitalize on high impact, sustainable opportunities without compromise
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