Equity Approach

Our goal is to enhance the client experience by preserving capital, reducing risk, and delivering high performing portfolios.

Learn how our process is laser focused on achieving that goal.

Investment Methodology
A continuous 4 step process
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Risk Identification
Market risk constantly changes
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Risk Targeting
Always lower than market risk
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Quantitative Multi-Factor Model
An empirically proven quantitative approach
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Customized Factors
A unique universe requires unique factors
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Dynamic Factors
Different market regimes favor different factors
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Customized constraints can add alpha and reduce risk
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Turnover Management
Properly deploying turnover at opportune times adds value
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Process Diversification
Blending multiple risk models reduces risk
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Fundamental Analysis
Focused company specific research can identify hidden risks
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Constant Monitoring
Companies may be sold for many different reasons
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Persistent Research
Research must be ongoing to stay ahead of the field
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