Institutional Investors

Institutional investors demand the very best from their investment managers. Summit Global Investments’ Dave Harden has established himself as an expert in investment technology and quantitative research. Over the past 24 years in the investment management field, Dave has proven his ability as a portfolio manager and equity strategist.

Market volatility and liquidity shock waves have institutions and their investment consultants seeking greater transparency and liquidity options while managing risk within an asset class not just across asset classes. SGI specializes in managing risk through long only equity investing.

Managed Risk equity investing is known by a variety of names: low-volatility, active-risk management, managed-volatility strategies, controlled volatility, minimum-variance portfolios or a minimum-volatility approach. Institutional investors in the U.S. are constantly increasing their due diligence efforts to better understand and find experts in this area. Allocation size and new mandates into these investment strategies are rising quickly as investment consultants are conducting more and larger searches to place funds for their clients into these equity strategies. Dave Harden, CEO of Summit Global Investments has actively researched, constructed and invested in managed risk equity portfolios since 2006. Very few investment managers or firms are able to say they’ve spent as much time researching, testing, constructing and actively investing in managed risk equity funds in the U.S. or globally as Dave Harden.

As a component of Institutions equity allocation, SGI’s optimized managed risk approach delivers superior risk adjusted returns that complement:

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