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Throughout your career you’ve worked hard to establish and grow your investment portfolio. At Summit Global Investments, we understand the hard work and long hours it takes to build your savings and investments. We take pride in working hard at managing clients’ portfolios. Our strength is as experts in capital preservation of assets while participating in the upside the equities market may offer.

The Summit Global Investments approach to equity investing is to control and minimize the volatility in the funds we manage. Passive stock market indices expose investors to 100% of the market risk, and we feel that investors are not rewarded for this risk. Volatility is one factor that drives individual stocks higher and lower on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Through studying the market’s behavior, researching the quantitative factors that drive individual stock returns, and through actively managing similar strategies for over 8 years, we feel that investors may reduce the risk in their equity portfolios and retain the returns created. It is through academic research and years of active management that have shown us that taking on greater risk in the equity markets does not equal a greater return.

Summit Global Investments’ thesis on investment management differs from conventional thought and what we’ve been told throughout our lives. We disagree that risk in the stock market equals reward. Our research and portfolio construction shows that a lower volatility portfolio of equities is capable of producing above- market returns while minimizing losses over a full market cycle. Summit Global Investments portfolio construction techniques and methodology yield an optimized portfolio of individual stocks that provide lower volatility than our strategy indices.

Your portfolio with Summit Global Investments is managed without exposure to derivatives, leverage or option overlays. Summit Global Investments does not use ETF’s to build portfolios nor do we raise cash during periods of higher market volatility. We are not market timers and do not tactically allocate among sectors, cash or fixed-income instruments to minimize volatility. During times of market volatility most investors invested in index strategies are fully exposed to the volatility the markets present. By maintaining exposure to equities that exhibit less volatile characteristics during these downturns tends to limit the amount one loses during these periods. By keeping clients’ portfolios positioned to capture the upside as markets advance, our investing strategy maximizes the trade-off between risk and reward. We feel this provides our clients with the opportunity to earn a greater unit of return compared to the market risk they take. Through our process of portfolio creation and optimization, we constantly manage the individual risk of each individual stock while pursuing the returns that are essential to growing the value of your portfolio. To learn more about the investment options available to you within Summit Global Investments, call or email us today.

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